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Learn about recent updates for the EFP program, other agri-environmental programs, and how EFP plays into agricultural markets.

Beneficial Management Practices

Maintaining a healthy environment is essential to the success of Alberta’s agricultural producers. Learn about BMPs that you can adopt on your farm to reduce environmental risk.


Brochures, fact sheets, reports developed by Alberta EFP.


Video tutorials to assist you through the entire process of the environmental farm plan.

Alberta EFP

How to Dispose of Rinsate from Tanks

Alberta EFPMay 30, 2017
The onus is on producers A common question from producers is how to deal with spray rinsate, the chemical residue solution...

Preventing Fuel Leaks

Alberta EFPMay 30, 2017
If done properly, only one extra level of containment is necessary Producers are becoming increasingly aware of the contamination risks fuel...

Dealing with Used Motor Oil

Alberta EFPMay 30, 2017
Several Options available, but Exercise Caution When it comes to disposal of farm wastes, some of producers’ most common questions involve...

Pesticide Handling and Storage

Alberta EFPMay 29, 2017
Ontario EFP releases tips on cleaning pesticide equipment This Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs produced the below video...

Controlling Drift from Chemical Sprays

Alberta EFPMay 29, 2017
Attention to Fundamentals is Key With safety, liability and environmental concerns driving new developments, producers today have more options than ever...

Restore Riparian Growth Along Water Bodies

Alberta EFPMay 26, 2017
Benefits of healthy riparian areas Riparian areas can be found next to water sources, which include creeks and rivers as well...

Install an Anti-Syphon Valve

Alberta EFPMay 26, 2017
Description An anti-syphon valve is a type of check valve, or backflow preventer. These valves can be installed with water hoses,...

Install a solar powered off-site watering system

Alberta EFPMay 24, 2017
Off-site watering Off-site watering describes a system where cattle drink from a trough that pumps water from a nearby water source....

FAQ: Alberta EFP renewal period

Alberta EFPMay 08, 2017
Why is Alberta EFP instituting a renewal period? 1. Alberta is the only provincial/territorial EFP that does not have a renewal...