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Learn about recent updates for the EFP program, other agri-environmental programs, and how EFP plays into agricultural markets.

Beneficial Management Practices

Maintaining a healthy environment is essential to the success of Alberta’s agricultural producers. Learn about BMPs that you can adopt on your farm to reduce environmental risk.


Brochures, fact sheets, reports developed by Alberta EFP.


Video tutorials to assist you through the entire process of the environmental farm plan.

Alberta EFP

Protecting Water Supply - Developed and Natural

Alberta EFPJun 04, 2017
Both play key roles in the overall sustainability of a farm or ranch Although the terms “water source” and “water body”...

Preventing Freezing of Off-Site Watering Systems

Alberta EFPJun 04, 2017
Off-site pasture watering for cattle, where water is pumped from a well or dugout into a trough, is becoming more...

Backflow Prevention

Alberta EFPJun 04, 2017
Exactly where depends on the situation There’s no faster way to contaminate farm water supplies than a backflow of polluted or...

Treating Your Well With Chlorine

Alberta EFPJun 04, 2017
A little chlorine applied regularly is the best bet Questions about water well disinfection are among the most common questions water...

Managing a Well Closer Than Minimum Distance From a Livestock Yard

Alberta EFPJun 04, 2017
Water testing and knowledge of ‘grandfathering’ key Prior to the Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA) in 2001, it was a common...

Filling in Well Pits or Using Pitless Adaptors

Alberta EFPJun 04, 2017
How best to manage well pits — those lined, shallow excavations once commonly used to control water distribution and keep...

Decommissioning a Well

Alberta EFPJun 04, 2017
Hire a professional More and more producers today are asking how to properly plug — or decommission — old, unused water...

Sewage Management

Alberta EFPJun 04, 2017
Septic System must match the needs of users In Alberta, standards for the design, installation and material requirements of on-site private...

Waste Water – Protecting Your Septic System From Discharge

Alberta EFPJun 04, 2017
Iron filters and water softeners can cause problems Water discharged from iron filters and water softeners occupies a unique place in...