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Learn about recent updates for the EFP program, other agri-environmental programs, and how EFP plays into agricultural markets.

Beneficial Management Practices

Maintaining a healthy environment is essential to the success of Alberta’s agricultural producers. Learn about BMPs that you can adopt on your farm to reduce environmental risk.


Brochures, fact sheets, reports developed by Alberta EFP.


Video tutorials to assist you through the entire process of the environmental farm plan.

Beneficial Management Practices

Understanding Alberta’s Watersheds

Alberta EFPOct 19, 2023
Understanding Watersheds in Alberta: A summary guide Alberta is home to a diverse and intricate network of watersheds, each with its...

Navigating Manure Storage: What Producers Need to Know

Alberta EFPAug 31, 2023
When it comes to responsible farming practices, manure management is a critical aspect that farmers in Alberta, need to be...

Soil Management

Alberta EFPMar 13, 2023
What you should know Profitable food production depends on healthy, productive soil. Damaged soil produces far less today and in the...

Pasture Management

Alberta EFPMar 13, 2023
In April we start gearing up to move our livestock to pasture. Chapter 22 in the Alberta EFP workbook gives...

The Power of Water

Alberta EFPJun 09, 2022
What you should know In order for water bodies to function as productive parts of your farm, you need to include...

It Starts with Soil

Alberta EFPApr 21, 2022
Just as the soils are the basis for your farm the basis for your EFP helps you understand your soils and site characteristics. This excerpt from the webbook helps farmers understand why it all begins from the ground up.

Riparian Areas

Alberta EFPMay 13, 2021
The key to maintaining healthy water bodies is understanding how their riparian areas work and understanding the impact of land-use practices on water body environmental benefits.

Fertilizer Handling and Storage

Alberta EFPSep 05, 2018
Ontario EFP releases tips on handling and storing fertilizer This Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs produced the below...