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Learn about recent updates for the EFP program, other agri-environmental programs, and how EFP plays into agricultural markets.

Beneficial Management Practices

Maintaining a healthy environment is essential to the success of Alberta’s agricultural producers. Learn about BMPs that you can adopt on your farm to reduce environmental risk.


Brochures, fact sheets, reports developed by Alberta EFP.


Video tutorials to assist you through the entire process of the environmental farm plan.

Alberta EFP

First-ever National Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) Summit to take place this November in Ottawa

Alberta EFPSep 19, 2016
First-ever National Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) Summit to take place this November in Ottawa Agri-food stakeholders are encouraged to register at...

New Sustainable Sourcing Study Identifies Key Information for Alberta Producers

Alberta EFPMay 18, 2016
The market for agricultural products is increasingly influenced by activities aimed at measuring and communicating information related to sustainability. The...

Environmental Farm Plans Can Help Demand for Sustainable Sourcing

Alberta EFPApr 13, 2016
The demand for sustainable sourcing is growing in the agriculture industry, and environmental farm plans are a way producers can...

Species at Risk Component Added to Alberta Environmental Farm Plan

Alberta EFPJan 26, 2016
Alberta species at risk will be better protected under a project led by the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) with...

Species at Risk Initiative

Alberta EFPJan 26, 2016
SPECIES AT RISK COMPONENT ADDED TO ALBERTA ENVIRONMENTAL FARM PLAN Attaining these designations will expand markets for Alberta producers Alberta species at...

Egg Farmers of Alberta: Pro-Active Environmental Stewards

Alberta EFPJan 21, 2016
“Sustainable sourcing requirements are coming, and the Egg Farmers of Alberta (EFA) took a unique, pro-active approach to prepare their...

Good News – Sustainable Sourcing is Coming to Alberta (and Canada)

Alberta EFPNov 11, 2015
Written by Paul Watson, Alberta EFP Director There are likely two questions that come to mind after reading the title. First,...

Sustainable Sourcing Study

Alberta EFPSep 28, 2015
Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (Alberta EFP) is making changes to better align the program with international sustainable sourcing standards for...

Diving into Alberta’s Environmental Farm Plan

Alberta EFPSep 10, 2015
Written by Paul Watson, Alberta EFP Director OK, this’ll be a fairly standard introductory blog post. I’ll tell you who I...