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Start a New EFP

The EFP program is free and easy to use. With the help of a technician in your region, you can come up with a plan to address environmental risk on your operation.

Renew Your EFP

If your EFP is greater than 10 years old, it is time to renew. The current EFP workbook 3.1 is available online and makes future updates and renewals easy. To keep your EFP current, you need to register to start an EFP. You can use your original binder as a reference when completing your online EFP.

EFP Workshops

As we return to in-person business, be sure to check out our events calendar for both local and online workshops. We will still have online workshops available for those that wish to participate.

Reasons to Complete an EFP

Maintaining a healthy environment is essential to the success of Alberta’s agricultural producers. The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) program helps you identify and address environmental risks in your operation. It will also increase your understanding of legal requirements related to environmental issues.

  • Protecting water, air and soil quality is key to the sustainable production of crops and livestock and to leaving a healthy and productive farm for the next generation. An EFP will identify what you are already doing well and pinpoint where improvements can be made.
  • By addressing these risks you increase operational efficiency while reducing farm costs, which results in increased profit for you.
  • With your EFP completion certificate, you become eligible for some funding under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.
  • Pairing environmental stewardship with agricultural production is also crucial in the marketing of your products. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the safety and quality of the food they eat and how that food is grown/raised. Sustainable sourcing is becoming a requirement of many major food purchasers, from manufacturers to restaurants. Having an EFP demonstrates to the public, government, lenders and/or investors that you are managing your environmental risks.  

The reason to do your EFP online

The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) has worked hard over the past several years to develop an online solution for Alberta farmers that is up to date, comprehensive and convenient.  Completing your EFP online version will also create additional short-term and long-term benefits.

  • Online Resources: Useful information and resources are just a click away to help you make improvements to your farm.
  • Reduces Renewal Time: If you decide to update your EFP, you can easily access your previous WorkBook and only update the sections of your farm that have changed.
  • Automatic Submission: Easily submit your EFP to your technician.
  • Most Up to Date Version: The online WorkBook always provides you with the most current content, information, and best management practices.
  • Automatic Risk Rating Calculations: It can be time-consuming to calculate your risk ratings in the binder version. The online WorkBook will calculate these for you.
  • View Changes Anytime: You can log into your WebBook anytime to view any changes or updates to EFPs. This will give you the opportunity to keep the information about the sustainability of your operation current.

The EFP Process

  1. Fill out the online form to register.
  2. A technician in your area will contact you to assist you through the EFP and implementation process. This person can answer your questions, help you get started, and even make a farm visit if needed.
  3. When your EFP is finished, submit it to your technician for review. If it is complete, the technician will arrange for you to receive a Certificate of Completion. If it needs more work, the technician will offer advice.
  4. Upon approval, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.
  5. The EFP Action Plan you developed is a blueprint for you to make continuous improvements to your farm. The technician can help you implement this plan. We encourage you to continuously update your EFP.

Implementing Your Action Plan

The action plan you developed while completing your EFP is your blueprint for improving your operation and making it more sustainable. There is no timeline for making these improvements, but we encourage you to do so as soon as time and money allow. One producer recommends, “tackle the easy stuff, tackle the cheap stuff” to get you started. Your EFP technican can help you with implementation as well; he or she may even make visits to your farm to demonstrate a technique. AEFP is also developing how-to videos and technical topics that will show you how to make these improvements. Should you have any issues that are not addressed in our Resources section, we encourage you to contact your technician or the ARECA office.

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