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Learn about recent updates for the EFP program, other agri-environmental programs, and how EFP plays into agricultural markets.

Beneficial Management Practices

Maintaining a healthy environment is essential to the success of Alberta’s agricultural producers. Learn about BMPs that you can adopt on your farm to reduce environmental risk.


Brochures, fact sheets, reports developed by Alberta EFP.


Video tutorials to assist you through the entire process of the environmental farm plan.

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Alberta EFP+ Program Meets International Sustainability Standards

Alberta EFPFeb 23, 2024
The Alberta Environmental Farm Plan is encouraging agricultural industry producers aligned with a Farm Management Group to adopt beneficial management practices that will improve farm performance and sustainability outcomes through their EFP+ program.

EFP Newsletters

Alberta EFPFeb 14, 2024
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EFP Brochure & Fact Sheets

Alberta EFPNov 17, 2023
EFP Brochure 2023 Fact Sheet 2023 - green Fact Sheet 2023 - Blue...

Understanding Alberta’s Watersheds

Alberta EFPOct 19, 2023
Understanding Watersheds in Alberta: A summary guide Alberta is home to a diverse and intricate network of watersheds, each with its...

Navigating Manure Storage: What Producers Need to Know

Alberta EFPAug 31, 2023
When it comes to responsible farming practices, manure management is a critical aspect that farmers in Alberta, need to be...

Wetland Policy

Alberta EFPAug 24, 2023
Landowner’s Guide to Wetland Policy Wetland policy in Alberta plays a pivotal role in shaping the conservation and sustainable management of...

The past five years

Alberta EFPJun 23, 2023
Alberta Environmental Farm Plan: Empowering Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Stewardship

Celebrating 20 Years

Alberta EFPJun 05, 2023
As we recently hit our 20th anniversary, we find ourselves looking back and reflecting. What started as a single 4” binder in the early-2000s has grown into a strong and supportive voice for Alberta’s farmers.

Introducing EFP 4.0

Alberta EFPMay 19, 2023
Our newest and latest version of the EFP webbook (version 4.0) is ready for you. It’s easier to use, and we believe it will make for a better experience for our users – Alberta agricultural producers.