One of the ways we support producers through the program is with local, knowledgeable assistance by one of our trained EFP Technicians. These Technicians are imperative for the success of the EFP program. In the last 5 years, Alberta EFP has maintained a network of 40+ technicians.

EFP Technicians are direct lines of support for producers completing the EFP program. Upon completion, the assigned technician reviews the completed workbook to provide resources, insights and feedback. The EFP Technician can provide as much or as little assistance as required by the producer while they complete their workbook. They may offer one-on-one support or they may offer group support in a workshop setting. To find a workshop near you, check out our events calendar.


Our technicians typically are employed by municipalities or research or forage associations throughout the province. We ensure that each producer who registers for an account will get an assigned technician based off their municipality. Without these great EFP technicians assisting producers in their areas of the province it would be significantly more difficult to have the reach and impact that we do. We rely on the efforts and dedication of these trained EFP technicians to support producers through the workbook, review and provide feedback on their action plans, and promote uptake of the program within their region.


EFP Technicians at our Fall EFP Technician Training, November 2023 in Lacombe.

If you work in the agri-environmental arena, and you are interested in learning how to become an EFP Technician or how to support EFP extension in your region, check out the below resource. 

Becoming an EFP Technician

Hear from our Techs