Success Stories

The process was simple and efficient - way easier than expected.

Kevin Goutbeck, Grain/Potato farmer, Sturgeon CountyMore about Kevin 

I feel responsible for good stewardship and the EFP process is part of building a legacy.

Denis Kennedy, retired agrologistMore about Denis 

It really is wonderful and a highlight for me as a technician to talk with producers who say that they learned something new and enjoyed the process after completing their plans.

Sonja Bloom, EFP TechnicianMore about Sonja 

We sell into a global marketplace and those companies demand [an environmental] commitment.

Terence Hochstein, Potato Growers of AlbertaMore about Terence 

We did an Environmental Farm Plan when they first came out, and when we make ranch changes today, we still go back and reference that workbook.

Sean McGrath, Vermilion FarmerMore about Sean 

EFP is the single best tool that helps a farmer / rancher understand their environmental risks and learn new things about their operation.

Ken Lewis, EFP TechnicianMore about Ken 

EFP delivery moved to an online platform when I became a technician. It was a bold but wise move at the time. The transition has made program and producer updates easier and kept EFP relevant.

Kim Barkwell, EFP TechnicianMore about Kim 

Producers are always very appreciative after going through the EFP, which is very satisfying. Makes me understand that we are helping producers do even a better job than what they are already accomplishing on their operations.

Murray Warnke, EFP TechnicianMore about Murray 

The EFP works as a flashlight to bring light to some of the environmental risks on your farm. The EFP program is a chance to highlight those issues, bring them to light, and provide solutions or best management practices.

Hannah Musterer, EFP TechnicianMore about Hannah 

I learned about water management, and my technician helped me with my problems on my laptop.

Gerald Mooij, Potato farmer, LeducMore about Gerald 

I am concerned about my affect on the environment, so this is a good tool to understand [my impacts]. The workshop was helpful in navigating the EFP. The technicians were helpful and friendly.

Wayne Groot, Potato farmer, Sturgeon CountyMore about Wayne 

It is important to protect our land and the environment to maintain profitability and for future generations. It was valuable to [reinforce] what I have been doing is correct and positive.

Gordon Ellis, Crop farmer, Mountain View CountyMore about Gordon 

Completing the EFP process helps farmers see what they are already doing well and where changes can be made to improve. Updating an EFP allows you to look back on how your farm has progressed over several years.

Mike Hittinger, EFP TechnicianMore about Mike 

The technicians were excellent in helping me complete the EFP 4.0+. They answered all of my questions. Thank you for all your help in updating my EFP.

Neil Boles, Grain Farmer, Kneehill CountyMore about Neil 

We started the original EFP because we recognized that we could be better stewards of our surrounding environment. Qualifying for financial assistance is an obvious benefit.

Steve Nelson, Grain Farmer, Camrose CountyMore about Steve