FAQ: Alberta EFP renewal period

Why is Alberta EFP instituting a renewal period?
1. Alberta is the only provincial/territorial EFP that does not have a renewal period. EFP is harmonizing nationally and we expect that all EFPs will need to harmonize their renewal period.
2. EFPs are part of sustainable sourcing programs in Canada (potato sustainability initiative, proAction, VBP). We anticipate more initiatives will use EFPs as the environmental backbone of their sustainable sourcing initiatives. We will need a consistent renewal period for this to have meaning.
Who decided we needed a renewal period?
Alberta EFP has a Stakeholder Advisory Committee that has final say on whether changes to the program should be recommended. No changes are made to the program or the content of the WorkBook (or WebBook) without their approval.
When does this take effect?
April 1, 2018.
What will this mean to me?
For most producers, not much for now.
- If you want to apply for Growing Forward grants, you will need a current EFP.
- If your sustainable sourcing program requires it (e.g. the potato sustainability initiative), you will need a current EFP.
Who can I contact?
Alberta EFP Director, Paul Watson


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