Introducing EFP 4.0

Our newest and latest version of the EFP webbook (version 4.0) is ready for you. It’s easier to use, and we believe it will make for a better experience for our users – Alberta agricultural producers.

After careful consultation with our producers, staff, provincial technical experts and EFP technicians, we took all that feedback and created our improved version. We are so excited to share it with you. 

The workbook has been slimmed down (by 18%) and is now more efficient and easier for farmers to schedule their time to complete. We simplified without sacrificing any of the information. Our EFP workbook is still filled with all the valuable information producers rely on to complete their environmental farm plans.

We have also included an optional beekeeping chapter designed to provide guidance to those interested in incorporating apiaries into their operations. We recognize the important role bees play in our environment and farming practices and want to make sure producers who are interested in supporting bee populations have the tools they need.

The update we are most excited about is the inclusion of an online renewal feature. This allows farmers to renew their online EFPs in a streamlined, meaningful way without having to go through the process of completing a new workbook each time. We are saving producers time and hassle and ensuring they are able to maintain their EFP status.

The newest version of the workbook is LIVE today, but we understand many producers are already in the process of completing the last version of the workbook. We don’t want everyone to start over with the new version, so we are offering a grace period for in-progress workbooks until June 30th, 2023.

During this time, producers can complete their old version of the workbook, or they can choose to upgrade to the new version. It’s whatever is easiest for them.

Any workbooks completed in previous versions are still valid. If you have a letter of completion or certificate dated within the last 10 years, your EFP is still considered current, regardless of the version. 

We are so proud of the work that has gone into creating this new version of the EFP workbook. The updates and features in the 4.0 version will make it easier and more efficient for farmers to complete their workbooks while keeping the support, guidance and valuable information they have come to expect from the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan.

We would like to thank all of our clients for their continued support of the EFP program and for continuing to make sustainable choices on their farms. We look forward to seeing the positive impact these updates have on farms across the province.

For more information you can watch our short webinar on version 4.0 below. 

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