Celebrating 20 Years

As we recently hit our 20th anniversary, we find ourselves looking back and reflecting on how far we’ve come. What started as a single 4” binder in the early-2000s has grown into a strong and supportive voice for Alberta’s farmers.

The one thing two decades have not changed for the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan is our unwavering focus on the Alberta producer. We continue to hold true to our vision of a future where commodities are sustainably and safely sourced. Our commitment to the Alberta agri-food industry and to the environment remains steadfast.

Originally developed by farmers, for farmers, the Alberta EFP was a proactive response to legislation aimed at maintaining social license. Today, it is widely recognized as a key delivery mechanism for achieving environmental outcomes and promoting sustainable sourcing while continuing to demonstrate the stewardship of Alberta producers.

We want you all to know we don’t operate in our own silo. Our EFP program was built with the help of many people and organizations. Producers were at the forefront, and their practices and challenges formed the basis of our work. We leverage the expertise of our knowledgeable, on-the-ground technicians and conduct science-based technical reviews. We also continue to forge partnerships across the industry and with other EFP programs across Canada, sharing and implementing best practices.

Through our work engaging with producer groups and stakeholders, we are able to reduce producer administrative burden, enhance ecosystem management, and increase sustainable sourcing opportunities. We strive to always maintain producer-focused delivery and communication. 

We are thrilled with the positive direction that the Alberta EFP is moving towards. We are confident that our program will continue to serve Alberta producers well in the years to come by helping them identify environmental risks, demonstrate the stewardship that has always been there, and bring new opportunities.

Happy 20th anniversary to us and to all of you who work so hard in agriculture. Here’s to you, the environmental stewards, who feed us and make Alberta a wonderful place to live and grow.


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