Understanding Habitat Management Together

Join us for Upcoming Habitat and Biodiversity Workshops

Alberta EFP is launching the new Habitat Management Chapter on March 29, 2021. This chapter includes the use of the Habitat & Biodiversity Assessment Tool.
In the tool, producers answer some simple questions regarding habitat features present on their farm, and then they receive a customized habitat management report.
The report includes

  • a list of potential species at risk that could be present on their farm,
  • a prioritized list of suggested stewardship opportunities to manage and enhance habitat for these species,
  • the when, where, why and how to implement these stewardship opportunities, 
  • a list of support organizations to help implement these practices

Habitat & Biodiversity workshops

We are looking for those with an existing EFP to help us with new recommendations. 

Alberta EFP has developed a new habitat management tool, and we want to understand what suggested practices will help make a difference in the real world. We are hosting an online workshop for Alberta farmers where you will have help with the new chapter. After the workshop, we will follow up with you to ask you what you learned, thought and implemented on your farm.

Participants upgrade their current online EFP workbook to the new version of the EFP, and they will also be asked to provide feedback on the new Habitat Management Chapter. Feedback will be used to inform future outreach and communications regarding habitat management and encouraging adoption of beneficial management practices on farms and ranches in Alberta. Producers can also submit their upgraded and completed EFP to receive a new EFP certificate for their operation.

Check out the workshop poster!

Participants must be an Alberta producer with a completed online EFP workbook. Register in advance only.
Participants will receive a copy of the 2021 Blue Book and EFP swag. 

Join us for one of the below virtual workshops.

October 12 9:00 am - 11:00 AM


October 21  10:00 am - 12:00 pm



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