The five Ws of AEFP

The five Ws of AEFP

April 16, 2006:

The inside scoop on Alberta’s Environmental Farm Plan Company

In media, every story must address what’s termed as the five "Ws". That is "who, what, when, where and why."

The fundamentals are simple. Media’s job is to represent the interest of the average person, to ask the questions they would most like to ask. It’s a formula that has worked well for generations and is the foundation of the cherished democratic principle of freedom of the press.

In reality, many farmers and ranchers have one or more of those questions about the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan Company (AEFP). So, for those producers, here is the inside story on AEFP - what producers and industry really want to know.

Who we are. AEFP is an incorporated, not-for-profit Alberta company. It comprises industry, government and other stakeholders working together to develop the Environmental Farm Plan program.

When we started. AEFP was set up in 2002 and began operations immediately.

What we do. AEFP provides a voluntary, free and confidential self-assessment process for producers to evaluate environmental risks and strengths on their operations. The process involves working directly with producers to complete an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP), which producers will use, according to their own timetables, to address the environmental risks and strengths on their farm.

Why we exist and why are we set up as a private company? We’re an education company, pure and simple. We do not set rules and regulations, develop legislation, lobby anyone, build or enforce policies. Our sole purpose is to provide education and awareness about environmental risks and best management practices to Alberta producers that contribute to a sustainable agricultural industry.

Why a company? AEFP is, in essence, an education delivery agency. It is not a government regulatory program or enforcement agency and the board of directors felt one of the clearest ways to make that statement to producers was to set the unit up as an independent not-for-profit company. AEFP is developed and directed by producers who identified the need for delivery of an environmental farm plan program to be arm’s length from government.

Where we do business. By name, AEFP clearly operates in the province of Alberta. The EFP program is also delivered across Canada and customized for the needs of each province.


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