National EFP Summit to take place in November 2016

Alberta EFP is pleased to announce that The First National Environmental Farm Plan (NEFP) Summit will be taking place in Ottawa on November 1-2.

Join like-minded individuals and industry leaders to help build a national environmental farm plan that demonstrates that Canada’s agriculture industry is committed to sustainable food production.

Agricultural industry groups, producers and food distributors are encouraged to attend Canada’s first National Environmental Farm Plan Summit, taking place in Ottawa on November 1-2, 2016. The summit will be the first time that provincial and territorial EFP organizations and representatives of Canada’s agri-food value chain meet to discuss the need for a national program that highlights the agriculture industry’s commitment to sustainable sourcing.

Join us for this unique opportunity to learn more about how EFPs and sustainability programs operate and participate in discussions that explore ways we can work together to meet what is becoming an increasing demand for sustainably sourced products. We will work to lay the groundwork for a national program that meets the requirements of food buyers on national and international levels. We will also discuss potential delivery models and ways to engage stakeholders from farm to fork as we further develop producer-driven “made-in-Canada” solutions.

Read more in the NEFP Summit news release.

Click here to register.

We look forward to starting a dialogue with all of our partners that will help shape a national EFP program that serves the agri-food value chain’s commitment to producing and sourcing food sustainably.


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