From coast to coast, Canadian farmers address sustainability with Environmental Farm Plans. #Canada150

June 14, 2017 – Leduc, Alberta – Alberta Environmental Farm Plan

Every day, Canadian farmers are making choices affecting the use of the land for generations to come. The story of Canadian Agriculture predates the unification of the colonies; and the future is a judicious adoption of innovative technology and practices, keeping our country fed today, while protecting its lands for tomorrow. Alberta Environmental Farm Plan is introducing a renewal period over 2017 to harmonize standards on environmental planning practices. This collective approach will help Canadian Agriculture be competitive on all fronts.

From east to west, the speed and breadth of information available to socially-minded consumers is outpaced only by the primary research and support on hand to guide Canadian producers through the next-best steps to keep their businesses profitable, and our fare sustainable. Keeping pace with technology and opportunity means renewing environmental plans regularly.

Canadian farmers using an Environmental Farm Plan have the backing and endorsement of a home-grown network of crop, livestock, and food industry professionals who are dedicated to a future where commodities are sustainably sourced, and grown with minimal impact on the environment.

Whether you are looking at Canada 150 through the lens of Economics, Social Health, Environmental Innovation, International Relations, Technological Breakthroughs, or virtually anything else – the food we eat, and the careful choices Canadian farmers are making for today and for our country’s future is integral to the history.

A farmers’ choice to begin an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) will affect how Canadians eat today, manage a myriad of risks and preserve the future of Canada’s farmlands for years to come.

To speak with a farmer, meet with an EFP director, or to be connected with any of the key players in this ongoing story of Canadian innovation and collaboration, contact:

Carlene Schneider

Agricultural Communications Consultant

Alberta Environmental Farm Plan


[email protected]


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