Former ARECA Chair Receives Award

2018 Environmental Stewardship Award from Alberta Beef Producers on Vimeo.

Former Chair of the ARECA Board of Directors Ian Murray, has been awarded the Alberta Beef Producer’s Environmental Stewardship Award for 2017. Ian joined Foothills Forage and Grazing Association 2009 and became Chair 2012. In 2014, Ian became FFGA’s Representative to ARECA and he served as Chair of ARECA from 2015-2017.

(excerpt from Alberta Beef Magazine) “Change in cattle management and change in grass recovery must be constant. It is about a decision to accept the ranch as a business entity with a profitable outcome and the constant land improvement as an equal partner in the success of the Murray Family legacy. The Murrays don’t just strive to be sustainable, they want their ranch to always continue to evolve both in the health of the cattle and the health of the land.”

The Murray’s “have used programs such as the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan and the Verified Beef Production program as guides to change management practices for cattle watering and feeding as well as for their crop management. Rotational grazing, off-stream watering, and an emergency spillway beside a dugout have all been incorporated into their total ranch management plan.”

Read the full article in Alberta Beef Magazine’s December 2017 edition.


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