Alberta EFP equivalent to SAI Platform’s FSA 2.1 at Silver level

Alberta’s EFP, in conjunction with federal and provincial legislation (EFP++) has been formally accepted as equivalent to the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment version 2.1 (FSA 2.1) at the Silver level on content. To make a claim against the SAI FSA using the EFP++, and audit done by an SAI-approved auditor will be required. For the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan Program, demonstrating content equivalency to SAI Platform’s FSA 2.1 at the Silver level is an important first step in reducing the paperwork burden for Alberta’s producers.

With the EFP Program combined with Federal and Provincial legislation, we have long been confident that all of our producers could relatively easily meet FSA 2.1 Silver; an important globally-recognized sustainability benchmark. Our goal is to ensure we minimize the work producers with an EFP need to do to demonstrate the sustainability of their farming and ranching operations. This will help ensure producers have continued access to preferred markets and enhance marketing opportunities.

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