Wetland Policy

Landowner’s Guide to Wetland Policy

Wetland policy in Alberta plays a pivotal role in shaping the conservation and sustainable management of these vital ecosystems.  Situated across Alberta’s diverse landscapes, wetlands provide a wide range of ecological, economic, and social benefits, from flood mitigation and water purification to habitat for unique plant and animal species.  The provinces approach to wetland policy involves a dynamic interplay between government regulations, stakeholder collaboration, and scientific research.  Striking a balance between development and preservation, Alberta’s Wetland Policy framework seeks to ensure the long-term viability of these invaluable environments while addressing the growing demands of a rapidly evolving society. 

The “Landowner’s Guide to Wetland Policy in Alberta” provides essential information about guidelines and regulations that landowners need to understand when dealing with wetlands on their property.  The guide covers topics such as wetland classification, permitting procedures, land use planning, conservation efforts, and potential impacts on wildlife habitat and biodiversity.  This guide also emphasizes the importance of preserving wetlands for their ecological significance and benefits, while highlighting the legal responsibilities of and options available to landowners when working within or around these sensitive environments. 

This resource highlights the advantages that wetlands offer to farms, ranches, and communities including serving as water sources for livestock, enhancing water quality and mitigating floods impacts around culverts and bridges. The Wetland Indicators Checklist in the guide helps in identifying wetlands that may not have standing water all year round based on the plants and soil indicators in the area. 

Producers can consider the impact that their operations have on wetlands on their own and neighbouring properties through the completion of the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan.  Completion of the AEFP is a prerequisite for participation in the provincial Wetland Restoration Program that was announced in April under the Resilient Agricultural Landscape Programs (RALP).  The release of this Landowner’s Guide to Wetland Policy is timely for producers who are interested in looking at improving the wetlands on their property. 

Landowner’s Guide to Wetland Policy


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