A current environmental farm plan will be required for Canadian Agriculture Partnership stewardship funding when programs open later this year. Producers who have not completed an EFP or who completed one prior to 2008 should renew now to ensure eligibility.

Introducing a renewal period for environmental farm plans is good for agriculture and Alberta

There has been a movement to harmonize Environmental Farm Plans (EFP) nationally to make EFPs more useful to sustainable sourcing programs. Up until now, Alberta was the only province without a renewal period.  By introducing a renewal period, EFPs will become more relevant and useful to sustainable sourcing programs across Canada. Get the facts about the renewal and learn more about what this means for your farm, You can also read and listen to the Call of the Land interview where our program director Paul Watson spoke about the various aspects of this new change.

The renewal period is supported by the agriculture industry

In 2016 and 2017, the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan has consulted industry on this policy.  These groups included our environmental farm plan colleagues across the country, and our advisory council which include representatives from across the industry.  In the spring and summer of 2017 we conducted an online survey. Watch the results of our survey in the video below.

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