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Starting the EFP Process

Start the registration process by sending us an email at

Have questions? Contact us at or go to producers for more information.

Important things to know:

  • Completing an EFP costs you nothing.
  • All of your information is confidential.
  • There are many benefits in completing an EFP.

The EFP Process

  1. Start the registration process by emailing us at
  2. We will connect you to an EFP Technician who will set up your account and let you know when it‘s ready.
  3. You will then receive an email from with a link to start the workbook.
  4. Contact your technician if you need help along the way. (There is no deadline for completing an EFP; however it is easier and more efficient to do it within a short time period.)
  5. When your EFP is finished and your Action Plan developed, submit it to your technician for review. If it needs more work, he or she will offer advice.
  6. Once your EFP is approved, you will receive a Letter of Completion.
  7. Implement your EFP Action Plan on your own time and as money permits. You can ask your technician for help or use our online resources.