5 Reasons to Start an EFP  

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On Earth Day (with everyone enjoying warmer temperatures), our thoughts in agriculture turn to how to be good stewards of the land.  Here is our list of why Alberta farmers choose to have an environmental farm plan. 1. Farmers live where they work It is one of the few occupations where the people working and producing are also occupying the …

Call of the Land – Enhancements to the Environmental Farm Plan process

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Alberta EFP program manager Lisa Nadeau appeared on Call of the Land, November 14, 2018, to discuss EFP’s webbook refresh as part of making the online tool better and easier to use for both farmers and technicians. Listen below: Read our recent blog about the webbook refresh: Refreshing the AEFP Webbook

Refreshing how Alberta farmers manage environmental risk

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November 14, 2018 – Leduc, Alberta – Alberta Environmental Farm Plan Keeping current with technology and security is an ever-evolving process for the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan. The online platform that helps Alberta farmers manage environmental risk across the province now has an updated look and functionality. With farmers using technology in all aspects of their business, the platform must …

Refreshing the AEFP Webbook

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Keeping pace with technology in agriculture is essential to creating an industry that is sustainable for the long term.  Alberta Environmental Farm Plan initially launched the Webbook (online version) for those wanting to complete an environmental farm plan easily online.  The workbook initially went online in 2012 and was re-versioned and upgraded in 2015.  With ever-changing technology, we are once …

Linking Sustainable Alberta Agriculture to the World

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Sustainability is a major consumer trend that appears to be developing into a long-term standard.  The agriculture industry is moving towards sustainable sourcing and it is likely that the agriculture industry in Alberta and Canada will need to keep pace with this change.  Anticipating this new normal, programs appear to be multiplying at a fevered pace.  It can get complicated …

Alberta EFP is instituting a renewal period

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Written by Lisa Nadeau, EFP Program Manager Effective April 1, 2018, producers will need to have an EFP completion letter dated within the last 10 years to be considered current and eligible for cost-share funding with the Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change programs of the Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP). That means, for example, if you apply in September 1, 2018, …

3 Ways Environmental Planning Can Boost the Farm Finances

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Written by Paul Watson, Alberta EFP Director. According to the Network for Business Sustainability, companies who “improve their impacts on the environment” stand to increase revenues, as “customers will pay up to 10 percent more for products that are green…or ethical.”  Alberta farmers and ranchers are becoming increasingly aware of the value that environmental stewardship provides to a sustainable agricultural …

How to Build Operational Efficiency with Environmental Farm Plans

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Written by Paul Watson, Alberta EFP Director. Environmental farm planning can help you improve your farm well beyond doing the right thing for the environment.  The impacts can reach to all areas of your business from strategy and marketing to financial and operations.  In this post consider that environmental farm planning can help you be more efficient, which can save …

Environmental Planning – Carving out a role in the succession of your farm

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Written by Paul Watson, Alberta EFP Director. Environmental Planning – Carving out a role in the succession of your farm Besides all of the expected reasons to have an environmental farm plan, one often overlooked reason is the opportunity to engage youth in your operation.  If your farm is looking for a way to transition to the next generation, consider …

Guest Blog: Katheryn Taylor, MULTISAR Coordinator

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Written by Katheryn Taylor, MULTISAR Coordinator MULTISAR is a voluntary stewardship program that is focused on achieving multi-species conservation at a landscape level by collaborating with ranchers to find management solutions that mutually benefit the native grassland ecosystem, designated species at risk, and the ranching operation itself. We recognize that many of the species and habitats found in Alberta’s grasslands …