3 Ways Environmental Planning Can Boost the Farm Finances

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According to the Network for Business Sustainability, companies who “improve their impacts on the environment” stand to increase revenues, as “customers will pay up to 10 percent more for products that are green…or ethical.”  Alberta farmers and ranchers are becoming increasingly aware of the value that environmental stewardship provides to a sustainable agricultural operation. There are financial benefits that accompany …


How to Built Operational Efficiency with Environmental Farm Plans

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Environmental farm planning can help you improve your farm well beyond doing the right thing for the environment.  The impacts can reach to all areas of your business from strategy and marketing to financial and operations.  In this post consider that environmental farm planning can help you be more efficient, which can save time, money and in some cases, lives. …


Environmental Planning – Carving out a role in the succession of your farm

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Written by Paul Watson, Alberta EFP Director. Environmental Planning – Carving out a role in the succession of your farm Besides all of the expected reasons to have an environmental farm plan, one often overlooked reason is the opportunity to engage youth in your operation.  If your farm is looking for a way to transition to the next generation, consider …


Guest Blog: Katheryn Taylor, MULTISAR Coordinator

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MULTISAR is a voluntary stewardship program that is focused on achieving multi-species conservation at a landscape level by collaborating with ranchers to find management solutions that mutually benefit the native grassland ecosystem, designated species at risk, and the ranching operation itself. We recognize that many of the species and habitats found in Alberta’s grasslands exist because of the positive practices …


Species At Risk

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Species At Risk I’m about to launch into a most unpopular topic: species at risk (SAR).  Why unpopular?  Most people don’t understand much about SAR.  What are they?  Who decides which species are at risk?  What laws protect them?  And for farmers, will conserving SAR and their habitat result in more regulation or other things that may impact their livelihood?  …


Egg Farmers of Alberta: Pro-Active Environmental Stewards

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“Sustainable sourcing requirements are coming, and the Egg Farmers of Alberta (EFA) took a unique, pro-active approach to prepare their producers for sustainable sourcing” says Paul Watson, Alberta Environmental Farm Plan Director. For Alberta’s agricultural community sustainable sourcing means suppliers and consumers are beginning to demand producers demonstrate they are reducing the social, economic, and environmental impacts of food production …


Good News – Sustainable Sourcing is Coming to Alberta (and Canada)

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There are likely two questions that come to mind after reading the title. First, what is sustainable sourcing? And second, how can this be a good thing? The Alberta Environmental Farm Plan defines sustainable sourcing as a “means of buying goods from suppliers who adhere to a code of practice that reduces the social, economic, and environmental impacts of food …


Diving into Alberta’s Environmental Farm Plan

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OK, this’ll be a fairly standard introductory blog post. I’ll tell you who I am, what I (and others) will be blogging about and most importantly, why I am blogging. Who am I? What do guys usually say when asked this question? Their name, I’m Paul Watson—and not the former Greenpeace guy. What they do, I’m the Alberta Environmental Farm …